Parker the very nosy cat

Cover of book showing grey and white stripey cat looking up at butterfly. Title of book is Parker the very nosy cat

Do you know a cat who likes to join in? See what is going on? A cat who just loves to help out? Then you will love Parker the very nosy cat, a new picture book written by David Ling for Duck Creek Press and coming out in early 2020. 


Image shows Parker the cat leaning over the bed with his claws out reaching for a pair of feet that are sticking out of the duvet covers
Image shows Parker the cat in three places on a computer desk. The first Parker is sitting with his feet on the keyboard, the second Parker is hiding and pouncing on the computer mouse. The third Parker is licking the computer monitor
Image shows a lady and a man sitting on a couch having a cup of tea with Parker the cat spread across both of their knees and the cat is smiling up at the them

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